Production Planning & Control

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Purpose of this program:

The learning outcomes that comprise this qualification will provide the qualifying learner with vocational knowledge through our skills transfer program providing skills appropriate to the context of production technology. This qualification provides learners with the range of learning skills required to be able to perform a series of activities to support manufacturing, engineering, and technology processes. Learners will acquire a range of skills in the identification of production parameters in manufacturing, engineering, and technology industries and basic strategies to achieve them.

Exit Level Outcomes 

1. Create a production plan that utilizes the resource allocation of activities of employees, materials, and production capacity, in order to serve different customers. 

2. Scheduling the manufacturing process by arranging, controlling, and optimizing work and workloads in a production process or manufacturing process. 3. Monitor, measure and report and re-plan to realign deviations to the original plan.

Learner Guide

This Learner Guide contains all the information to acquire all the knowledge and skills leading to the unit standard: Title: “Control production and resource scheduling and planning in a manufacturing environment” SAQA US No: 12665 NQF Level: 5 Credits: 8

Assessment Guide:

This Assessment Guide contains all the assessment information linked to the specific ourtcomes.


Planning – Lesson Giude

Author: S.Cameron Supply chain Specialist Steve has over 30 yrs experience  in the management  areas of the operational and supply chain environments within a diverse range of businesses. Production Planning and Control Course GuideTable of Contents1. Introduction to Production Planning and Control2. The Planning and Control Functions3. Overview of Production functions and terms4. The Master [...]

Introduction to Production Planning

In this Lesson you will  be introduced to production planning, and gain an understand what it is and where it fits within an organisation. After completing this lesson you should  have an understanding  of What Planning and Control is Where it fits into and organisation The main functions of the Planning and Control process An [...]

The Planning and Control functions

Lets look at an overview of each of the components of production planning and production control. Production Planning Production planning focuses on the basic concepts of : What to produce, When to produce, and How much to produce. The planning role analyses the businesses demand and converts it into an achievable time phased production plan [...]

Planning – The Principles & Data Management

In this lesson you will learn the main principles needed to perform production planning and control successfully. To enable these principles to be carried out effectively data has to be processed through the business this data is used throughout the operational process. Data management from a planning perspective consists of an Item Master that will [...]

Demand Planning (Short Course)

This is the start of the planning process. Demand Planning which is sometimes referred to as Demand Forecasting. As a production planner or production controller you most probably will not be involved in the details of this process, however, depending on the size and type of business you may be required to assist in hte [...]

Master Production Scheduling (Short Course)

We are now at the stage of the planning process where the businesses agreed demand forecast based on the quantity of finished salable items over a specific time period has to be then planned at the detailed mix level. This stage is called Master Production Scheduling. This is a very good article by John Tunstall that [...]

Creating The Plan (MRP) – Part two

In part two we will look in more detail at the Material Requirements Planning calculation and its interpretation and actions within the planning roles. This is the core of production planning and control were your calculations at this stage have a huge impact on the business from a cash flow perspective which in turn leads [...]

Creating the Plan (Master Data – Item Master, Bill of Materials)

In the next lessons, we will be covering the Master Data Bill of Materials records file. In the previous lesson "The Principles and Data Management"  we looked at Master Data and its relevance within an organisation. You cant plan properly or control production outputs effectively for products with component parts or sub-assemblies without having an [...]

Production Control- Work order shop floor control

Length: 0 minutes

In this lesson, we will look at works orders, why you need them and how to generate them. Depending on the size and structure of the business you are involved in there could be a specific person carrying out the role of Production Controller or this could form part of your role as the Production [...]

Planning – Creating the actual Plan- Scheduling and shop floor control-Part Two

In this lesson, we will go into more details on scheduling and we will use some templates and examples from which is an information site to help you build planning and scheduling systems with spreadsheets.  You will find tutorials templates and downloads that can be used to create an advanced planning and scheduling system [...]

Creating The Plan (Inventory Replenishment Strategies)

Understanding inventory replenishment strategies is very important to the success of quality planning. An interesting article published by GMDH Streamline covers: The commonly used replenishment strategies and lot-sizing methods; indicate the strategies which Streamline supports and explain how they drive the replenishment process; show how to set up a replenishment strategy in Streamline; and consider the [...]

Creating the Plan – Routings

We will now progress onto the Routing data. You have now learnt that Master Data files are a critical part of the planning process. It is important to know what this data is and how it is used within the process, and this knowledge will be of great assistance when you are faced with product [...]

Creating the Plan (MRP)

You have been introduced the master data files and their importance within a manufacturing or process organization. In the next lesson, we will be getting back on track to the actual process by covering the function of  Material Requirements Planning (MRP). You can see from the Simple Planning Flow Chart 006 below that we have [...]

Planning – Creating the actual Plan- Scheduling and shop floor control

We have covered a lot of information over the previous lessons and you should now understand the importance of master data within a planning environment, anyone can throw a plan together and produce a product but try planning an array of products over a complex production process or even simple products over basic production processes [...]

Planning – Calculating capacity and balance load with capacity

The planning role is more concerned with actual production scheduling but it is important to understand capacity and any constraints you may have therefore we will look at calculation capacity within an organization. Capacity planning is the process of determining the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products, as [...]