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ezaylearning uses the SENSEI Learning Management Platform which creates beautiful and engaging online courses, modules, lessons, and tests

Sensei LMS is a teaching and learning management plugin built by Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. In fact, Sensei LMS is used to power all of Automattic’s employee training and courses too.

Our WooCommerce Paid Courses extension lets us sell our courses using the most popular eCommerce platform on the web – WooCommerce.

Or learning programs can be created to suit your needs, we can create Specific Course Categories with various courses, modules, and lessons. Tests can be set within either of these areas, specific pass marks can be set, we can set formative assessments to evaluate how someone is learning material throughout a course as well as Summative assessments to evaluate how much students have learned throughout a course .

The ezaylearning hub (EZL HUB) Process

Example of course hierarchy

Examples of Courses / Lessons for ezaylearning. can add relevant images and or video’s within each lesson / course / module. We can record green screen video presentations and also to minimize costs we use quality animated video content. Video is a great medium to support learning programs research that confirms video technology is helping businesses train smarter. Video makes student training more effective it reduces the cost of employee / student training. Video helps you train on demand and creates consistency in training materials and experiences. With video’s you extend training accross internal and external audiences.

Production Planning & Control Course

Examples of Video applications to ezaylearning courses.