Welcome to your Warehouse Skills course!

Over 5 Modules, this course offers insights into working in a warehouse or fulfillment centre; through this Outcomes Based Learning Program you will gain and understanding as well as practical knowledge of the various processes involved which include Goods Receiving, stock Put Away, Picking and Packing, inventory counting, and you will be introduced to warehouse management systems (WMS) used within these environments.

Each Module contains lessons, and at the end of each of these module, you’ll find Formative Assessments to help give you ongoing feedback to help you improve your learning progress, at the end of the course you will be given a Summative Assessment to evaluate your learning within the chosen subject.

Happy Learning!

Warehouse skills often consist of specific work competencies related to warehouse and fulfillment operations, such as Goods Receiving, Stock Put Away, Picking / Packing, Inventory Counting, Dispatch and Returns. This course will teach you the essential warehouse skills you need to work in a Warehouse, and or a Fulfillment Centre, and how to improve your current skills levels and be able to highlight them on your resume.

The course has been developed by certified Outcomes Based Learning Program (OBE), also known as Competency Based Education (CBE), developers, which is an approach to designing academic programs with a focus on the following competencies:

  • knowledge
  • Skills
  • Abilities

Students will acquire and be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills by engaging in learning exercises, activities and experiences that align with clearly defined outcomes. Competency based education is a learnerā€centered approach to education that focuses on what a student should be able to do in the real world upon completion of their course or program. Learning outcomes are complex statements of the primary skills, knowledge, attitudes, abilities, and proficiencies the learner will have attained by the end of the course.

Learner Guide

This Learner GuideĀ contains all the information, and more, as well as the activities that you will be expected to do during the course of your study.


Learner Guide

Module 1. Goods Receiving

In this module you will gain a working understanding of the Goods Receiving Processes within a Warehouse environment. From knowing what working documentation is required, safety, receiving and offloading, counting and confirming goods received, as well as storing and recording the received goods.


Learning Outcomes Goods Receiving Procedures

Module 2. Inventory Put Away

Module 3. Picking & Packing