1. Set out who specific course is aimed at, eg Production Planning and Control could be either or position, or someone wanting to move into role etc
  2. More Questions, maybe add video and ask questions, read other articles and answer (Boys think it can be done to quick) 500 words/pg intro 13pg, subject 30pg
  3. Quizz grading a number is showing after each question needs to be corrected. also conclutions, and maybe assignments.
  4. Check WP Notebook to add plugin for students to make notes when studying. Cost $97, can add to widget at side of lesson.
  5. Create widgets to enhance lesson pages. Add references and links for student to check
  6. On Course introduction add the specific learning outcomes of each lesson. A good explanation of course maybe make a build up vid showing high level planning i.e. organise plan control then finally down to BOMs routings etc.
  7. Fix Production Planning n Control Course page up, too straight
  8. need an intro explanation prior to each lesson so students know where thy are going and how the flow work. Maybe first page of each lesson.
  9. Draw up MPS Document for MPS Lesson
  10. Secure media on site One option is the WordPress Download Manager plugin.
  11. Look for better note taking plugin WP Notepad isnt right
  12. Look for plugin to save page you where at
  14. give examples of other boms
  15. MPS Lesson add more questions i.e level and chase strategies of planning. and RCCP
  16. Did you add DDMRP to MRP lesson?
  17. Did you discuss time fences in MPS / MRP lesson?
  18. Look at adding the following to Courses / Lessons
    1. Assesors Giude
    2. Facilitators Package
    3. Internal Moderator Giude
    4. LEarner Giude
    5. Learner Workbook
    6. Cadidte Portfolio
    7. Design document / Alignment Matrix
  19. Make sure all references are recorded, i.e scheduling lesson theres a lot.
  20. Online Self Paced courses

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