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The learning outcomes that comprise this qualification will provide the qualifying learner with vocational knowledge through our skills transfer program providing skills appropriate to the context of production technology. This qualification provides learners with the range of learning skills required to be able to perform a series of activities to support manufacturing, engineering and technology processes. Learners will acquire a range of skills in the identification of production parameters in manufacturing, engineering and technology industries and basic strategies to achieve them. 

Lesson Plan

Author: S.Cameron Supply chain Specialist Production Planning and Control Course GuideTable of Contents1. Introduction to Production Planning and Control2. The Planning and Control Functions3. Overview of Production functions and terms4. The Master Production Schedule & MRP5. Creating the Plan6. Scheduling and Shop Floor Control6. Capacity Planning7. Shop Floor Control, Works Orders, Work In Progress1. Introduction […]

In this Lesson you will  be introduced to production planning and control, and gain an understand what it is and where it fits within an organisation. After completing this lesson you should  have an understanding  of What Planning and Control is Where it fits into and organisation The main functions of the Planning and Control […]

Lets look at an overview of each of the components of production planning and control. Production Planning Production planning focuses on the basic concepts of : What to produce, When to produce, and How much to produce. It analyses the businesses demand and converts it into an achievable time phased production plan that meets customer demand in […]

In this lesson you will learn the main principles needed to perform production planning and control successfully. To enable these principles to be carried out effectively data has to be processed through the business this data is used throughout the operational process. Data management from a planning perspective consists of and Item Master that will […]

This is the start of the planning process. Demand Planning which is sometimes referred to as Demand Forecasting. As a production planner or controller you most probably will not be involved in the details of this process, however depending on the size and type of business you may be required to fulfill this role so […]

We are now at the stage of the planning process where the businesses agreed demand forecast based on the quantity of finished sellable items over a specific time period has to be then planned at the detailed mix level. This stage is called Master Production Scheduling. This is a very good article by John Tunstall that […]

In the next lessons we will be covering the function of  Material Requirements Planning (MRP). You can see from the Simple Planning Flow Chart 006 below that we have gone through the Sales and Operations process, the Demand Planning and the Master Production Scheduling processes. Now the role of the production planner begins as the […]

In the next lessons we will be covering the Master Data (Item Master, Bill of Materials) records file. In the previous lesson “The Principles and Data Management”  we looked at Master Data and its relevance within a an organisation. As discussed most companies will have some form of software to manage their business even if […]

We will now progress onto the Routing data. You have now learnt that the Master Data file is a critical part of the planning process. It is important to know what this data is and how it is used within the process, and this knowledge will be of great assistance when you are faced with […]

We have covered a lot of information over the previous lessons and you should now understand the importance of master data within a planning environment, anyone can throw a plan together and produce a product but try planning an array of products over a complex production process or even simple products over basic production processes […]


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