Situational Learning

Added advantage of learning with ezaylearning is our new dynamic “Situational Learning Program” (SLP)

What is Situational Learning?

Situational learning is a new addition to the typical learning programs that have been around for a long time. It’s a known fact that time is a precious recourse for businesses, so their employees don’t always get the attention and development they need to grow and add value to the organisation, employers are always looking for those candidates that not only have the appropriate academic credentials but also have the work experience the company needs for them to add value to the business. It’s a vicious circle you cant get the job you desire or that career advancement you have been working hard for because you don’t have the work experience, but you cant get the work experience because you cant get the job to gain it.

We are excited to introduce to you our new Situational Learning Program. Our courses are designed by experts in their field of business, and they add this experience to each of our courses. Through our situational videos you will learn how to cope with various day to day issues that may arise This gives you the added advantage of knowing how to understand the various situations and problems that you would face if you held a specific position within a company, and explains what information you need to prepare yourself with, who to communicate with, and how you can resolve the situation and add value to your business.

Give yourself that added advantage during interviews, with this online experience